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Old Garnet's 2013 Season Preview (late but still good)

Posted Tuesday, September 17, 2013 by Old Garnet



By The Old Garnet


Saturday, September 7                                       Spring Valley Tigers vs. Rye @ Nugent Stadium                        7:00 PM


Hold That Tiger!  Tiger Rag!  Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright!  Prior to the 2010 season Rye had never seen these tabbies from Rockland, but since then this curtain-raiser marks the third jungle encounter with the SPRING VALLEY TIGERS .  At the annual March Coaches Corner at OG’s house Coach Dino Garr foreshadowed movement of the Garnets offense to a fast-pace, aggressive, run-and-shoot passing attack to better suit the talents of his ’13 squad.  As the old saying goes, “A tiger does not change its stripes”.  As for the wily old tiger Garr, well we shall see on September 7.  Rye holds the brief series advantage at 2-0-0 (1.000) over the Orange and Black.    TAME THE TIGERS ! ! ! ! !    TAME THE TIGERS ! ! ! ! !    TAME THE TIGERS ! ! ! ! !


Sunday, September 15                                        Rye @ Somers                                                                                     2:00 PM


Rye parades into the Big Top of the SOMERS TUSKERS in an early season showdown of highly touted Class A teams.  This one is scheduled on a Sunday to draw fans away from the NFL Game of the Week as well as due to seasonal religious observances.  It’s the same old performance under the DeMateo’s “Big Tent” as Rye once again, is forced to travel to an away game at Somers.  One wonders why the Garnets never get a crack at the Silver and Red on the Garnets home field or receive any consideration from the Section One schedulers.  It is a rare yet epic battle between two legendary Hall of Fame ringmasters and members of the New York State Top-15 all-time career win club – Rye’s Dino Garr versus Somers’ Tony DeMateo.  You can be sure this one will feature three rings of action as the Garnets whip the Tuskers into submission in their quest for Class A superiority and to extend the series margin above the current 5-4-0 (.556).  TRAPEEZE THE TUSKERS ! ! !   TRAPEEZE THE TUSKERS ! ! !


Saturday, September 23                                     Rye @Lincoln                                                                                      1:30 PM


It is an old Westchester high school yet the LINCOLN LANCERS are a newbie on Rye’s schedule.  One of the original five Yonkers city high schools, the Gold and White historically have been either in Class AA or scheduled to compete in a Yonkers City League.  Will the Lancers joust, catapult and pillage Rye’s Garnets?  Highly doubtful but not impossible as this series starts fresh at 0-0-0 (.000).   LANCE THE LANCERS ! ! ! ! !  LANCE THE LANCERS ! ! ! ! !  LANCE THE LANCERS ! ! ! ! !


Friday, September 29                                         Ossining vs. Rye @ Nugent Stadium                                              7:00 PM


Tangentially the OSSINING “O” or PRIDE (recent vintage) represent Native Americans from a bygone era.  The OSSINING INDIANS (circa ‘20s – ‘90s) were succeeded in politically correctness and became the OSSINING RIVER HAWKS (circa ‘90s – ‘00’s.  ’09 saw the revival of a series dormant since the Eisenhower Administration many moons ago.  Most recently the Maroon and White (OG can’t stand their colors – too similar to someone else) and the Garnets have split the ’09 and ’12 wars, but over the passage of seasons, the Garnets have staked the Pride, O, River Hawks and Indians 5-1-1 (.833).  These river town warriors are shifty, brave, swift and tough, but put your wampum on Rye’s Garnets!  IMPALE THE INDIANS !  IMPALE THE INDIANS !


Friday, October 4                                                Rye @ Hendrick Hudson                                                                   7:00 PM


Representing the 1600’s Dutch explorer and modern-day Indian Point nuclear power plant, the HENDRICK HUDSON SAILORS float onto Rye’s map for the first time in many moons.  Hudson’s vessel, the Half Moon, traversed the river waters over five hundred years ago, but this season marks the first time Rye has opposed three river towns in Garnet history.  Hoist the anchor, drop the sails, could the Blue and White be a trap game for Rye?  No, it is the Garnets breaking the 1-1-0 (.500) series deadlock.

SINK THE SAILORS  ! ! ! ! !  SINK THE SAILORS  ! ! ! ! !  SINK THE SAILORS  ! ! ! ! !  SINK THE SAILORS  ! ! ! ! !


Friday, October 11                                              Sleepy Hollow vs. Rye @ Nugent Stadium                                      7:00PM


At long, long, long last, after decades of frustration and ten straight stumbles the SLEEPY HOLLOW HEADLESS HORSEMEN finally broke out of the Garnets corral for a victory in ’12.  The eerie squad from Ichabod Crane’s and Rip Van Winkle’s Hudson Valley ‘hood trot in for what has become a traditional horse race of old SWIAC foes.  This 37th paranormal fable has its roots in the ‘40s and ‘50s with contests between Rye and two predecessor Tarrytown high schools.  These tilts are always scary, never sleepy, as the Red and White finally turned the page to bring this storybook to 25-11-1 (.694).  HOOF THE HORSEMEN ! ! ! !


Saturday, October 19                                         Rye @ Harrison                                                                                  11:00 AM


Rye will attempt to get back into the Garnet and Black column in Westchester’s most storied high school football rivalry when the 83rd renewal comes around.  Seems there was a small fracas at Rye’s bridge and brook last year. – some dogs were seen swimming in Blind Brook without a permit? Consequently to reduce tensions the kickoff for ’13 was advanced to an 11AM start time.  Rye would settle for another one-point squeaker similar to ‘08’s 19-18 and ‘10’s 21-20 over the vaunted rival HARRISON HUSKIES.  Hey boys, its time to strap on the old leather helmet, cinch up the chinstrap and suck it up – you are representing generations of

your communities in this one.  THE GAME” is for all the marbles, all the bragging rights.  It’s the BIG ONE as Rye seeks to avenge ‘12’s shutout and tries to inch closer to parity with the Maroon and White in the long-standing series currently logged at 37-42-3 (.468). If you want prime seats arrive early at Harrison’s McGuillicuddy Field, long before the kick-off of Westchester’s finest high school football game.  Garnets do it again!   HANG THE HUSKIES ! ! ! !   HANG THE HUSKIES ! ! ! !



Rye and Harrison are extremely fortunate to have a long-standing, tradition-rich football relationship that has weathered 82 previous games.  It is the envy of all other Westchester high schools.  Although the games are eagerly anticipated and hotly contested, former players and local historians will attest to the mutual respect that develops and endures among the players, coaches and community members weaving the game into the cultural fabric of each town.  Hats off to the community agencies and many volunteers that orchestrate and manage a football game that annually attracts 10,000 fans and generally is safe and incident free.  Let’s keep it that way again this year as an example to future generations of local high school football fans.

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