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Old Garnet 2012 Season Recap

Posted Tuesday, September 17, 2013 by Old Garnet


By The Old Garnet




Quite often the Garnet foe from the prior season’s sectionals becomes the curtain-raiser the following season.  2012 was no exception as Rye travelled over the bridge to meet the swashbuckling PEARL RIVER PIRATES in a rematch of the 2011 opening playoff salvo.  The Garnets shiver the Pirates timber 28-13, pluck the Pirates parrot, capture the Jolly Roger and advance to a 12-1-0 (.923) domination of these Pirates of the Hudson. 


In the home opener it was long-standing rival SLEEPY HOLLOW HEADLESS HORSEMEN trotting into Rye’s Nugent Stadium.  While these chapters are always scary, never sleepy, the slumbering Zeemen finally awakened after a Rip Van Winkle-esque slumber to rear-up and enter the victory column after more than two decades of disappointing failures.  With the sinister “Hollow Hit” chant ringing in the Garnets’ helmets the Horsemen finally triumph 14-0.  Now it is the mystique of Washington Irving’s legendary stories frightening the Garnets, but Rye still rules at 24-12-1 (.667).


Old SWIAC foe EASTCHESTER EAGLES hosted the Garnets in their aviary for the third straight time as the Section One schedulers once again stick it to Rye.  In the 58th renewal of a football series initiated in the ‘20s and played for 50 straight years from ’38 to ’87, the ‘12 Garnets clipped the Eagle’s wings 35-13 bringing the ledger to 44-12-2 (.789) in the second most frequently played series in the history of Garnet football lore.


The HORACE GREELY QUAKERS graced the Rye schedule for the second straight season after decades of absence.  Against this favorite non-league foe from the Bedini Era the Garnets extend their decisive advantage to      8-2-0 (.800).  The original lierary writer and editor was heard to exclaim, “Go West, Young Men, Go West”, following 2012’s 28-0 white-washing.   


Another team returning to the Garnets raindance card was the JOHN JAY (CROSS RIVER) INDIANS.  Hosting Rye in their teepee for the first time in many moons , these braves  ambushed a spot on Rye’s schedule for the second straight season.  After uncoupling their merged football program from South Salem, JJ suddenly became a large Class A competitor and warriors to respect rather than a Class AA alsoran. The Garnets tiptoed to Cross River and it was tight all night but a few critical plays swung the pendulum of victory in favor of the Purple and White by a count of 38-21.  In trading with these Indians, Rye’s wampum was stolen as the John Jay arrows struck bone droping the series to 5-6-0 (.455).


Like the proverbial Dutch boy strategically placing his finger to stop the dike from bursting, the TAPPAN ZEE DUTCHMEN defense attempted to do the same against Rye’s potent offense in the first renewal of this series since ’99.  No, non, niet - the Dutchmen can’t swim and sink 30-22 to Rye as the Garnets extend their domination of the Dutch to 11-1-0 (.917).


Could Rye’s Garnets extend their streak to double-digits in this the 82nd renewal of Westchester”s Premier Football Rivalry Game against the vaunted HARRISON HUSKIES?  To the disappointment of all Garnet supporters, that answer was no.  But reflecting on the nine-game win streak including two, one-point victories remains sugar sweet.  True to their nickname, the ice blue-eyed Alaskan breed dominated the contest and won going away 21-0 reversing the longest win streak in the history of the rivalry.  The Garnets relentless march toward series parity is temporarily interrupted as Harrison has the Garnets by the historical tail at 37-42-3 (.468).




 For the first time in decades Rye’s Garnets did not qualify for the Section One Playoffs or a post-season bowl game.  Rather the Garnets were assigned to host the SPRING VALLEY TIGERS in a power-scheduled match played at the higher seeded team’s facility.  In this case Rye’s Nugent Stadium.  These Rockland County tabbies were relatively unknown, but stayed close to Rye and clawed and scratched for respect in this playoff cat fight.  These felines were caged 21-0 as the Garnets moved to 2-0-0 (1.000) in the brief series with Spring Valley


Up next for the Garnets was a power-scheduled match with a yet-to-be-determined Class AA opponent.  However due to the storm damage from SuperStorm Sandy no games were played and the Garnets schedule ended at 5-3-0.

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