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Posted Tuesday, June 01, 2010 by RFA Board

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Tracy Eck

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                                                                                    May  2010

Dear Rye Football Players, Cheerleaders, Family, Alumni, and Friends,

It’s still spring, but the Rye Football Association (RFA) is already busy making plans for the 2010 season. We are energized by the proud Rye football tradition, which continues stronger than ever following both the 2007 & 2008 team’s spectacular repeat win in the Class B State Championship games. The Garnets have had three state championship wins in just four years. It’s a tradition comprised of hard work, accomplishment, pride, and enjoyment.


After a successful 2009 debut in the Class A division, complete with a seventh consecutive win over arch-rival Harrison, the Rye football program will face an even more exciting and challenging season in 2010. At the same time, the RFA faces the challenge of fund raising in a very difficult economic environment. The Association plays an important role in supporting the football program, such as paying for:


  • Football camp buses and scholarships;
  • One set of new varsity jerseys every year;
  • Game day breakfasts for varsity players;
  • Players, coaches and guests to attend the December awards dinner;
  • Recognition gifts for players and coaches and trophies/banners for the school;
  • College scholarships;
  • Purchases for the benefit of the program as a whole (i.e., fitness equipment)


It is our hope that you will join the RFA, not only to support our athletes, but also to enjoy all of the fun and excitement of being part of the Rye football family!


The membership drive, the football journal, and our Rye football merchandise sales are our primary fundraisers. Our goal is to achieve 100% participation from all football families, and as many friends and alums as possible.


To become a member of the RFA, please fill out and return the enclosed form by Saturday, June 12 ( 7 vs. 7 Day). If you are willing to volunteer, please let us know on the form. Be sure to include an email address so we can keep you up to date.


In addition, the Rye Football Journal will be available by the first varsity home game and makes a great season souvenir. Placing an ad in the Journal in support of your player is a wonderful Rye traditionAd forms will be sent out in June; the deadline for placing an ad is July 31.  This is another great way to show your support (and for grandparents and friends to do so too!).


We thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Eck, Lisa McReddie, Leslie Pickup, Meg O’Callaghan, or Daniela Vitiello


Go Garnets!

The Rye Football Association 

Rye Football Association





7 v 7                                                              Saturday, June 12th


FOOTBALL CAMP AT IONA PREP                        June 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, from             4:30pm to 8pm (Meet at RHS at 3:00pm for buses)


TWICE DAILY PRACTICES                                   Friday, August 20th


KICK OFF BBQ                                                  Sunday, August 29th


END OF SEASON DINNER                                   Thursday, December 2nd




  9/11            Saturday                       Sleepy Hollow                        1:30pm                        Away


9/16            Thursday                        Saunders                                4:30pm                         Away


9/24            Friday                            Nyack                                     7:00pm                        Home


10/1            Friday                            Spring Valley                           7:00pm                        Home


10/9            Saturday                        Eastchester                                3:00pm                        Away


10/16            Saturday                        Harrison                                   2:00pm                        Home




Check out www.RYEFOOTBALL.NET  for more on the schedule, and for directions, links, scores and photos!


Rye Football Association

2010 Membership Enrollment



Please provide the following information:


Name: ______________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________


Phone: __________________


Email: __________________



We will be joining the RFA in the membership category indicated:


_____          $25 Supporter                   _____     $125 Starting Line Up        


_____          $50 Booster                           _____     $250 Garnet Club


_____      $500 State Champion


_____      $1,000+ MVP



Please list our names as RFA members in the 2010 Football Journal as follows:




Please note that you will be listed in the Journal under the membership category you’ve selected; donation amounts will not be indicated.


Please make your check out to the Rye Football Association and send to:


Leslie Pickup

RFA Treasurer

P.O. Box 918

Rye, NY 10580

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