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Jim's thoughts on Rye

Posted Monday, November 24, 2008 by John Wood

I have been getting nothing but”Class B is weak” “Rye has no competition” yada yada yada from lots of friends not from Rye. Baloney. Right here in our own section Pleasantville, Nanuet and Byram Hills have very good Class B teams. I think all three would have easily beat both Highland Falls and Hudson Falls. Keep in mind that the Ravena’s and Peru’s of upstate fame were not as good as Hudson Falls. In the past great teams from Rye, Harrison and the like have had their hands full against these teams in the Class B regionals….not this Rye team. Could it be that the rest of the competition is still good, but Rye is just on another level? Could it be that when we were talking about all the great teams of the decade yesterday on this blog….that perhaps this Rye team should be mentioned in the same breath as several of those great teams? We may know the answer next week. Oneida comes out of the always tough western bracket where Chinango Forks, Geneva, Lackawana and Bath reside and thrive. If the Garnets somehow win convincingly on sunday are we going to continue to say that there was no competition on the other side of the state also? Other friends ask “Why didn’t Rye move up to A this year?” I’ve got news for everyone who poses that question…THEY WERE 36 KIDS UNDER THE LIMIT FOR A…they are a B school. If they move to A next year it will be because they factor in enrollmentwise, but I will say 12 months in advance that whoever takes the reins from the Garnets in B will still be a state championship contender. I think we belittle all our Class B teams everytime we say that there is no competition. Rye is just an abomoly….a great HS football team. It’s about time we give the devil his due.

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