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"Jim" and his view from the stands. Lohud Blog

Posted Thursday, November 20, 2008 by Jim the Blog-R

It’s so very hard to pick games with teams involved that most of us haven’t seen…a crapshoot. Let me just say that whoever loses still had great seasons. It is wrong to judge success on either going to a state final or winning a state championship. I have had two of my three kids participate in state championships in both field hockey and lacrosse. One year the field hockey girls lost with time elapsed in double overtime 1-0 in the NYS Class B Championship game on a penalty corner. During the year and through the playoffs they were undefeated and outshot the team that beat them by a 20-2 margin…they wound up 21-1. Isn’t that a great year? Wasn’t that a great team? Of course, but this game occured in 2004 and some of these kids still don’t realize you have to be a little lucky as well as good to go all the way. All of our Section 1 teams have been more than a little good this year, and some have had a little good luck to go with it. Whether or not any of these five football teams goes all the way is inconsequental in judging their seasons….great year New Rochelle, Nyack, Rye, Croton and Tuckahoe…New Rochelle coming back to whitewash the only team that beat them was great! Nyack…no words can explain the unbelievable run of wins Somers..Ossining..Cornwall…that have gotten you to this point. Rye, being the only undefeated Section 1 team (non CHSAA)to this point..23 wins in a row..45 out of 46 wins…57 straight over Section 1 teams…utterly fabulous! Croton…the team that beat Dobbs, won a sectional title, and looks to be improving week by week. This team will be talked about in Croton for the next 50 years! Tuckahoe…you played all the C schools tough in route to regaining the sectional title that seems to be your birthright. Haldane borrowed it for a year, but you won it back on the field. Now for my predictions: New Ro…22-21. Nyack falls to a tough foe 28-13. Rye pulls away 34-14. Croton rolls on 27-15 and Tuckahoe comes up short 33-26.

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