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Jim's view from the stands!

Posted Wednesday, November 12, 2008 by jim the blog

It’s very interesting to see that there is no exact recipe for success when it comes to the top coaches in the section. The word “depth” has been used often this year. It’s great to have great back-up’s and have only a few kids going both ways. The obvious is that you always have a good player to put in if a starter goes down, but I think that all of these coaches would agree that the primary benefit of having depth is how it impacts practice. A team that lacks depth is at a disadvantage while preparing and practicing. Often times when a team has 8-10 kids going both ways they are going against less than good competition on a daily basis…first offense vs scrubs and JV defense and first defense up against kids who barely can run an offensive play. It’s a blessing when coaches can go for a couple hours a day, teach,execute and get the hell off the field so the kids don’t burn out physically and emotionally. I have heard from several sources that kids on other local teams don’t get home till 8 o’clock two or three days a week….it also seems that all the sectional champions are a little loosey goosey yet focused on the task at hand…great job by all these fantastic coaches. Good luck to all our teams this week-end.

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