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Old Garnet looks at Pville

Posted Wednesday, November 05, 2008 by OG

Be wary young Garnets these PLEASANTVILLE PANTHERS have a score to settle. In this watershed election week history tells us that PV last beat Rye back during the Lyndon Johnson administration.


For the newbies, Pleasantville was Rye's second most intense rival for 30 straight seasons from 1936 to 1965. Traditionally played as the season's fourth game around Halloween, preparations for the Panthers included its own pep rally, a distinctive mascot - the Hoo-Doo, and a special fight song - For it's the Hoo-Doo, the famous Hoo-Doo, the jinx that always rests on Pleasantville. It makes them stumble and fall and fumble when 'ere they turn the dreaded jonah loose.


After a hiatus from 1966 to 1998, the ¨Tale of the Panther falls into Rye's column at 26-9-2 (.743), and since the 1998 resumption of the series, the Garnets caged the Panthers five straight.


1998 RYE 30 Pleasantville 6

2000 RYE 33 Pleasantville 0

2004 RYE 27 Pleasantville 7

2006 RYE 47 Pleasantville 7

2008 RYE 20 Pleasantville 7


Throw out the high and discard the low - these numbers don't lie. OG says it's Rye 31-7!

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