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Old Garnet's view of Nanuet Playoff Game

Posted Friday, October 31, 2008 by Old Garnet Himself

Rye’s advance scouts recently observed a flotilla of gold-helmeted knights fording the moat that is the Hudson River and wondered why the # 3 seed from Class B, League 1 NANUET GOLDEN KNIGHTS just didn’t pay the toll and cross via the Tappan Zee Bridge.  With the Garnets still undefeated at 7-0 and slotted as the Class B League 1 # 1 seed, Rye’s Garnets engage the 6-1-0 Knights for a second time in the 2008 campaign having administered the sole battle scar on Nanuet’s season tally.  While past hostilities produced legendary struggles, it’s been Rye pulling up the drawbridge and dropping the portcullises while triumphing in the past five scuffles going back to 2002.


2002   Rye 15   Nanuet   0

2003   Rye 35   Nanuet   7

2005   Rye 37   Nanuet   7

2006   Rye 28   Nanuet   6

2008   Rye 35   Nanuet 12



As you can readily see this annual medieval passion play has a common theme.  Watch out as Nanuet’s crafty 200+-win Head Coach Rich Conklin looks to spring a trap on the Garnets.  Bring on all the flails, maces, halberds and war hammers, but as the dust settles, its “OG” calling the day for Rye!


Rye 28 – Nanuet 7 as Rye advances seeking its sixth straight Section One, Class B Championship.

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