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Rye Relic looks at Rye v Harrison

Posted Thursday, September 25, 2008 by Journal New Blog
Rye Relic

Each and every games just builds on all the past. That is what makes Rye/Harrison untouchable. Sitting at classsic Nugent Stadium or standing on the creaking wooden stands at Feely Field watching the geese do a fly over watching, two teams leave it all on the field has a unique feeling that many a Rye/Harrison student/fan/player/parent will recall for a long time.

What HS reunion would be complete without the usual "Game" reminisces.

As a kid you would head to the game with what seemed like everyone else in town and hope for some arm pad or some random part of the old helmets, something that a sweaty, dirty player would give you after the game, as a player you never forget the roar of the crowd when your team hits the field, as a parent you hope that your son makes his own Rye Harrison game unique.

November 76, Lead by then rookie coach Dino Garr, Rye 7-0 gets off bus on a gray cold day at Feeley, and when heading to the field to warm up does something odd, they run along the sidelines….The  Harrison sidelines!!  And throw the Husky fans/players into a tizzy.
Rye leads 12-0 at half, Harrison comes fighting back and takes advantage of Rye's failure to gain a 1st down on 4 and 3, late in the 4th quater, they get the ball back and boom, scores with under 1 minutes left and pulls off a stunning 15-12 victory. Ouch!!  Rye repays the feat maybe 10  years later winning it's own 15-12 game.  Rye 8-1, goes on the next week and wins the Section Championship (pre NYS playoff). While Huskies claim a suprise victory over the favored Garnets. Records in the game mean nothing!! Go Garnets, Hang the Huskies!! Good Night to Rye High, Rye High good night! Toast Rye!

Once again for the 77 year let's show the rest of Section One and all NYS that we have the greatest HS rivalry. And each community continues to show what sportsmanship is all about!!!
Here we go Rye High….Here we go!

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