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Jim shares his Rye Harrison historical views

Posted Thursday, September 25, 2008 by Journal News

One more and I promise to shut up…..The only Rye-Harrison game I missed between 1955 till now was in 1970. I was stationed in Quang Tri, Viet Nam at the time. My brother paid for a Daily Item subscription, and although the paper arrived about 2 weeks late…it usually got there. My Army infantry company would stay out in the field for 10 days or so, then come back to the rear area for a 2 day standown. After looking over a few newspapers I realized that it was the day of the Rye-Harrison game. We were allowed to make two phone calls a year from the telephone center on the main base so I beat feet down there at 9am the next day allowing for the 12 hour time differential….my mother's phone rang at 9 pm the night of the game…..her maternal instinct took over instantly… she obviously knew that the timing of that call wasn't just to say hello, and she immediately informed me that Rye had won 3-0 and everyone was going crazy. That game, of course, was when Bob Marx, who never even kicked an extra point all year kicked a field goal in the waning moments to give the Garnets the win. I've been told that that game was one of the hardest hitting contests ever between the longtime foes. Rye was led by Jimmy Santa(U of Maryland) and Jamie Torrence(UMass) and quaterbacked by a little kid from my neighborhood…Tommy Maloney…who has been Dino Garr's sidekick and assistant coach for all these years. Tom always says that he spent the entire timeout before the field goal trying to talk legendary Rye coach John Nugent out of attempting it. When you are far away from home, it's true what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder…hearing about that game from my mother is a great memory for me that put me in touch with the "world" for a few minutes during a very long year away.

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