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Blog Memories Rye v Harrison

Posted Wednesday, September 24, 2008 by Lohud


4 Responses to “Best Rye-Harrison memories”

  1. algd

    when rye beat harrison twice in a year. that was awesome.

  2. ha ha

    When Sam maldonado led harrison to a 49-7 victory in 2000. It was kill.

  3. monopoly money

    In 2006, when seemingly the whole community of rye stormed the field after the 19-18 win.

  4. An Old Garnet

    Best string of games had to be the 1970 ( 3-0 Rye), 1971 ( 2-0 Harrison) and 1972 ( 18-14 Rye). Teams were so evenly matched. The 1972 game saw Harrison come in undefeated – Rye was 5-1-1 and a sizable underdog. The Rye QB, who couldn't hit the side of a barn if he was standing in front of it all season, threw 3 TD passes in a misty rain that day. The 1970 game saw the Rye kicker, who was "kicking challenged" to say the least – kick a 22 yr or so field goal to win the game. Then next year in 1971, Harrison comes in undefeated, Rye had a bad team that year – I believe they were 4-2-1 entering that game. Though they played their hearts out, Rye loses 2-0 when the QB ( who threw the 3 TD passes in the 1972 game) gets tackled for safety. If you want one game – you've got to look at that 2006 game – 19-18 Rye. Both teams 5-0 and ranked #1 in the state.
    Hoping for a GREAT game on Sat.

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