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The Old Garnet's Preview of Forks!! More Photos from Peru

Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2007 by Dino Garr
From The Old Garnet:

Isn?t Google a wonderful tool? Let?s see what we get when we google ?forks?.

oThe Fork?s Market ? Winnipeg, Canada?s #1 Tourist Destination
oGrand Forks, ND ? Home of the University of N. Dakota and originally settled by French trappers and traders
oForks of the Wabash River, IN
oIII Forks Restaurants in Dallas and Austin, TX and Palm Grove, FL
oThree Forks, MT at the headwaters of the Missouri River where in 1805 Lewis & Clark encamped
oForks Township, PA, north of Easton leading into the Lehigh Valley
oForks, WA ? Center of the most NW corner of the US Pacific NW
oAnd, of course, from the Latin ?furca?, assorted forks evolving from the original two tines to the present four tine eating implement. Relish forks, dessert forks, carving forks, serving forks, dinner forks and salad forks abound.
oLastly, at the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers, Chenango Forks, NY

From the Chenango Forks School District website: ?The Middle School is an extension of the high school building, but both schools operate as separate entities.? Sound familiar?

And now to the game at hand. It is no small coincidence that Rye?s Garnets will face the CHENANGO FORKS BLUE DEVILS in the New York State Class B Football Championship Game Sunday at 6:00PM in the Syracuse University Carrier Dome. Why it?s almost become the expected match-up statewide. Even the local press is calling it Rye/Forks IV ? like NFL Super Bowls!

Forks has been there six of the last seven years engaging such familiar teams as Peru and Harrison in battle besides the three prior wars with Rye. The Garnets return for their fourth visit in five years ? all against Chenango Forks.

How about records since 2000 you might ask. Pretty close to dead even I?d say.

Chenango Forks91-7-0 (.929%)
Rye87-11-0 (.888%)

What about this season? Blue Devils 12-0-0, Garnets 11-0-0.

2007 Points Scored? Forks 271, Rye 317 ? 2007 Points Allowed? Forks 105, Rye 98

Average 2007 Game Final Score? Blue Devils 23-8, Garnets 29-9

Hey Garnet Footballers ? as long as the ?Welcome to Rye? entry signs are being updated for the field hockey state championship, why don?t you guys follow suit with a second entry for football ? 2007?

Here?s a little adaptation of a popular nursery rhyme that should be read every night this week to all those little boys in Rye looking forward to being big Garnets someday:

Hey Garnet, Garnet, the Husky and the Pelican,
The Blue Devils are such dorks,
The Cheerleaders laughed to see such sport,
And the game was lost by Forks.

The Old ?G? hasn?t been wrong so far this season.

Put it in the books at Rye 20, Chenango Forks 14.

Click here for some pitures from Officer Wood

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