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Predictions for Saturday's State Quarter FInals vs. New Paltz

Posted Thursday, November 08, 2007 by webmaster

The Old Garnet took a look at the prospects and says:

Into the New York State football tourney quarterfinals march the Rye Garnets to do battle with the NEW ROCHELLE HUGUENOTS, not over religious freedom or tolerance, but rather on the gridiron. But wait. . . . How on earth did the 2007 playoffs become so convoluted as to pit Class B Rye against Class AA New Rochelle with both teams coming out of Westchester?s Section One? No, no silly, senile "Old Garnet", it's the NEW PALTZ HUGUENOTS, the Section 9 Class B champions sporting an 8-2 record that stands in the way of the Garnets and the next step toward the ultimate barometer of football success ? the State Class B Championship. Another epic struggle between the Garnet & Black and the Maroon and White is about to ensue, although this time it?s not the Harrison Huskies.

These Ulster County residents, like their New Rochelle cousins, descend from French Huguenots who fled Mannheim, Germany in 1678 to settle in the Hudson Valley. 329 years after their emigration, the New Paltz Huguenots are still fighting secular battles - besting Burke Catholic in last week's Section 9 championship game, 19-10.

You might ask what Magic 8 Ball, Ouija board or crystal ball does the Old G consult?

How can anyone predict the outcome of these intersectional games? Well the Old Garnet believes that the past is a good predictor of the future, so you take Rye's seven games against Section 9 opponents, add up the scores and divide by seven. It's quite simple- you get Rye this week 33-10 over New Paltz. You heard it here first.

Is anyone looking at the New York State Class B West Regionals? This Old Garnet has, and he has seen the Chenango Knives Blue Devils on the far horizon. Could it be a 4th match in the Carrier Dome?

Section1 Guy has his preview up; click here (and scroll down) o see how he figures a final score of a Rye win 35-7

Finally, Kevin Devaney, predicted on his RNN show tonight a Rye win - (as did his collegue Joe Lombardi) specifics will be be set out on his blog tonight or tomorrow; keep checking here!

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