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Predictions for Game Against Sleepy Hollow inc. Kevin Devaney's

Posted Thursday, November 01, 2007 by webmaster
Uptdate Wedesday Evening: We now have three predictions for the Sleepy Game - The Old Garnet ,Section 1 Guy and Kevin Devaney. All predict a close game (see below).


From The Old Garnet:

In researching various media for this week's Section One Class B Championship game, a playoff rematch with a 2007 regular season foe, the SLEEPY HOLLOW HEADLESS HORSEMEN, the 'Old Garnet" stumbled and bumbled upon many factoids.

How eerie so close to Halloween for the Garnets to be trying to tackle elusive running backs on a team whose nickname embodies the 'Headless Horseman", a purported ghost of a Hessian trooper, from Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". "Wash Irv", as he is known today, got the drop on the "Old G" by publishing his short stories, including "Rip Van Winkle" in 1819, long before the Old Garnet began prognosticating Rye football encounters.

As the story goes. . . . . Irving?s folktale occurred in a secluded glen called Sleepy Hollow and featured a priggish schoolmaster named Ichabod Crane, who becomes involved in a supernatural wild chase ? not unlike that of the Horsemen's eleven straight elusive attempts at victories over Rye in the past twenty years. Not since 1989 has the Red and White scared Rye and the Garnets lead these goblins 21-11-1 (.656%). In a 2004 playoff grudge match it was Garnets 19, Horsemen 8, and earlier in this 2007 season, Rye 35, Sleepy Hollow 20

Not only is the Garnets' pursuit of a 5th straight Class B Title on the line in Mahopac, but also their string of four years of advancing into the New York State Football Tournament is at risk. The weather report is favorable ? clear with a game-time temperature in the 40s with a Waning Gibbous Moon (61% illuminated) providing natural light at night.

While it is always challenging to beat a team twice in one season, since 2003 the Garnets have been up to the task - a testimony to the coaches' preparation techniques (2003 - Harrison 2-0, 2004 -Walter Panas 2-0 & Sleepy Hollow 2-0, 2005 - Briarcliff 2-0 and 2006 - Pelham 2-0). The law of averages from this season and past repeat match-ups in the playoffs foreshadows a Rye win by 30-9, but this talented 2007 edition of the Horsemen spooks the "Old Garnet".

Through the murky fog of the Mahopac autumn night sky, this one hangs on Sebastian Saunders' right foot as the Garnets "Advance to the Dance"with a 31-28 win in the waning moments of the 4th quarter.

Section 1 Guy:

Click here (and scroll down) to read Section 1 Guy's full analysis to support his prediction: an upset by Sleepy Hollow 27-24!!

Kevin Devaney

Predicts a Rye win 24-21 (though on the TV Joe Lombardi favored Sleepy)
To read his blog click here.

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