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Poll Answer: Coach Maloney Coaching 32 years!

Posted Tuesday, October 30, 2007 by webmaster
Which gives him the longest tenure on the Garnet coaching staff.

Tom Maloney was a 1971 graduate of Rye High, where he was a standout athlete: quarterback for the football team and captain of both the basketball and baseball teams. The football Garnets were 7-1 his senior year, capturing the Central Westchester League Championship. Tommy went on to play baseball at Holy Cross, and returned to Rye to coach football in 1975. With his gentlemanly manner, Coach Maloney has balanced his day job at Ameriprise Financial (where he also supports the Garnets with an ad in the Journal) with his seamless work with the defense.

Tom Maloney and Dino Garr (RHS '66) did not get to play at Rye as teammates, though, along with modified coach Dave Ball (RHS '73), they played under the legendary Coach John Nugent (Rye coach 1963-1975) for whom the football stadium is named. During their long tenure together Garr and Maloney have worked as a team and built a football program which is pride of Rye and the envy of communities around Section One and New York State. And the reason the photo with this headline features all six Varsity and JV football coaches is because they do act as a team, running (along with the modified coaches) a program that is seamless from the 7th grade team to the Varsity.

After graduating Rye Dino Garr went on to play football at Iona College where he was captain his senior year. His coach there was yet another former Rye head Coach Ben Bedini who had coached the Garnets from 1954-1962 and left with a 92% win percentage, having lost only 5 games during his tenure. Bedini's assistant at Iona was a former Rye assistant coach, George Maier. Dino Garr's accumulated personal knowledge of Rye football spans more than 60 years!

Dino's coaching career at Rye came in two segments, first from 1976-1978 then from 1985 to the present. In the interim he coached at last week's opponent, Westlake HS, where he was most unkind to the Garnets, dominating Rye 46-0 in 1982 and winning handily, 36-13 in the 1983 Bowl Game.

Since 1988 Coach Garr has been recognized by Section 1 as Coach of the Year four times (1988, 2000, 2003, and 2005) and also by the Journal News in 2005. As of today Coach Garr and his coaching team, have won 184 games with Rye for a remarkable 75% winning percentage, taken Rye to the states four times and won the title in 2005. (For those of you who recall that Coach Garr has won more 200 than games in his career, the total now stands at 234 games, including his 50 wins at Westlake.)

Mike Bruno also played baseball at Elon College in North Carolina before taking up his position as Varsity Assistant coach with Rye.

The story of the Garnets successes at the varsity level doesn't start with the varsity teams; Rye has been very lucky to have a football program that starts now with 7th grade (after many players have benefited from the youth program in Port Chester). JV Head Coach, Jeff Charney with Greg Tucci and Connor Dowling (new this year) assisting him have 7-1 record this season, including a resounding 30-6 win over Harrison. Head Coach Jim Rinaldi, assisted by Kevin Kennedy continue to work with the 9th grade team. Matt Beckley and Dave Ball, (RHS '73) coach the 8th grade team. After graduating from Rye Dave went on to University of Richmond on an athletic scholarship. Mike Masset and Greg Quirolo get the 7th graders started. One advantage of the middle school and high school sharing the same campus and facilities is that the younger players get exposure to older Garnets, learning positions and formations and interacting with the varsity players and coaches. The opportunity for the players to start to build cohesion at a young age is invaluable - of the 21 seniors who graduated in 2007, 16 of them had played 7th grade ball together - and it showed!

Beyond their coaching and teaching responsibilities in practice and during games this group of football experts also scout and film the upcoming varsity opponents providing quality insight into the tendencies, preferences, offensive formations and defensive packages Rye will face in their next games.

Finally the story of those who work day to day to make this program work so effectively wouldn't be complete without mentioning two individuals who aren't technically coaches: trainer Matt Tauber and manager and #1 fan, Luke Walsh (RHS '90). Parents and players will uniformly tell you that since Matt came to Rye the injuries have been meaningfully reduced and players are stronger and more disciplined, physically and mentally. And as for Luke . . . well what can you say but that the man embodies the heart and soul of a true Garnet.

Rye football has a rich and unique tradition. Thank you to each of those mentioned above all for building it and passing it on!

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