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Highlights from the Rye Win over- Briarcliff

Posted Saturday, October 20, 2007 by webmaster

Thanks to our on site reporter!


Seabass kick off. Briarcliff ( BC) ball. Rye defense led by Sam Fulmer holds.

Rye ball. Rye drives and scores led by runs by Luke O'Malley, Kyle Ramalho and passes to Matt Rix, Ramalho and James Bonsall, TD to Bonsall , Seabass PAT

Rye 7 - 0

Seabass kick off out of end zone, Rye holds.

Rye ball. Ramalho and Cole McCormack runs and passes to Rix move to BC 10.. BC holds


BC ball. Rye defense led by Fulmer and Donald Keough stops BC.

Rye drive led by passes to Bonsall, Pat O'Callaghan runs. TD pass of 35+ yrds to Bonsall. Seabass PAT.

Rye 14 - 0.

Seabass kick off and makes tackle on reverse. Defense led by Matt Dunn, Fulmer and McCormack hold .

Rye ball. Passes to Bonsall, O'Callaghan and O'Malley combined with Ramalho runs move rye downfield. Ramalho scores from one. Seabass PAT.

Rye 21 - 0


BC kick off. Rye pass intercepted BC ball, but Keough intercepts with big return. O'Malley with 40 + yrd run for a TD.

Rye 27 - 0

Seabass kick off. BC return to 30. Clark Antico intercepts pass and returns for touchdown. 50+yrds. Sebass PAT

Rye. 34-0.

Seabass kick off. Daniel Klemens and Aaron Walker lead the defense, along John Santoro and Charlie Trumm. Rye holds. BC Punt.

Q 4

Rye and BC back and forth. Rye offense lead by Remy Pinson, McCormack, Rye defense led by Brogan Mathews interception. Rye takes knee at BC 11 to end game

Final Rye 34- Briarcliff 0

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