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Undefeated Regular Season! Highlights of Rye's 28-7 win!

Posted Friday, October 12, 2007 by webmaster

Game Highlights from our Reporter!


- Seabass kick off into the end zone
- Exchange of punts; Defense led by Cole McCormack holds
- Rye moves on offense led by Eck pass & run to Bonsall; Ramalho scores from 1. Seabass PAT.
Rye 7 - 0
- Seabass kick off; Rye defense holds led by Santoro and Keough

- Eck pass to O'Callaghan for TD, set up by punt return by Bonsall. Seabass PAT
- Seabass kick off thru endzone
Rye 14 - 0

- Rye defense holds led by Keough, Dunn and Walker sacks
- Rye offense led by passes to Rix and O'Malley runs; Seabass for Fieldgoal !
Rye 17 - 0
- Seabass kick off thru endzone
- Rye defense holds; Offense with passes and runs to Ramalho and O'Malley. O'callaghan scores on 35+yrd run. Seabass PAT

Rye 24 - 0
- Seabass thru end zone

- Rye led by 40+yrd run to Pearl River 9, PR holds.
- Rye defense led by Billington, Antico, Brinkman and Walker
- Rye penalties moves ball to 3 yrd line
- PR scores
Rye 24 - PR 8

Playoffs start next week at Nugent Stadium-

Congratulations Garnets!

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