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Old Garnet's Preview of the Pirates; Poll Answer; More Pictures

Posted Wednesday, October 10, 2007 by Dino Garr
From The Old Garnet about Friday's Game (which is home at 7PM):

"Call them privateers, corsairs or buccaneers, the PEARL RIVER PIRATES raid Rye for a 10th battle. Not since 1997 had the Blue and White come looking for bounteous booty but now they find only Garnets as Rye shivers these pirates?' timber expanding on Rye's 9-1-0 (.900%) treasure trove of wins. With their last pillaging of Rye fifteen years ago, these unkempt Jolly Rogers seek to ravage Rye in Game 6. Argh ! Back over that TZ Bridge we say:


Go Garnets!


Half the participants guessed that Rye's highest winning percentage was against Pelham, but according to The Old Garnet that honor was held by this weeks opponent, the Pirates at 90%. Pelham was not far behind though. The Old Garnet reports the preseason percentages were as follows:
Harrison .438
Pelham .886
Pleasantville .735
Sleepy Hollow .645
Pearl River .900

So far this season the percentages against Harison, Pelham & Sleepy Hollow have improved to Rye's advantage! Let's do the same with Pearl River!


For Pep Rally Pictures from Bill Gordon, click here; from Dorie Reisner, click here

For Harrison Game Pictures from Bill Gordon, click here, from Dorie Reisner, click here. For brook shots from Officer Wood, click here.

To see the Garnet Insider for Harrison on You Tube click here for this year's; and here for 2006.

For Dorie Reisner's pictures from the Sleepy Hollow Game, click here.

There are also some new photos from 2003 and 1983

Thank you to all our photographers & contributors!

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