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Pictures, We Have Pictures!

Posted Saturday, September 22, 2007 by Dino Garr
We are very lucky to have three very talented photographers who have taken pictures of the games so far this season. Posting of the photos involves a bit of time and therefore the pictures come on at different times. As of Saturday 2 PM , Bill Gordon and Terry Fulmer have pictures up for all three games and Dorie Reisner's pictures are up for Byram Hills and Yonkers. It is possible to limit your search to pictures by going to the Photo Gallery and clicking on Advanced next to the search box - you can put in a key word (name of the opponent will work) or date or name of a particular photographer.

A word about quality:
In order to be posted on this site the photographs generally have to be reduced in pixel count, meaning that if you order the pictures off the site they will not be very high quality (and are fairly expensive). Our photographers would much rather you have a good quality print so, if you see a picture you'd like a print of email ryefootball06@gmail.com.

Our thanks to Bill, Terry & Dorie for their wonderful pictures and their time. If anyone else has pictures they'd like to share they can be posted by anyone (subject to approval by the webmaster for content) or if you have pictures but don't want to do the posting contact us at ryefootball06@gmail.com.

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