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Rye Resoundingly Beats Sleepy Hollow 35-20 ! Recap

Posted Thursday, September 20, 2007 by Dino Garr
To the delight of the Rye fans in an almost full stadium, Kevin Devaney (www.kickoff.lohudblogs.com) had it right- directionally - Rye won; but not in spirit - it was not a close game. Kevin concedes this in today's post which every Garnet fan should read.

"Section 1 Guy" John Malone (www.section1recruiting.com) was closer and had a very interesting analysis, naming the Sleepy-Rye contest the Game of the Week.Unforunately, it seems to have dissappeared (to see the rest of his top ten games of the week, click on Section1Guy's page on the left then check "Top Ten Thursday") There is a highlight video from the game on the home page.

Rye remains #1 in the Class B State Rankings (NYS Sportswriters)- before today's game Sleepy Hollow was #5.

Play by play from our reporter below;Some game pictures are posted - more photos coming soon!

Sleepy Hollow - Sept 20


Sebastian Saunders ( "Seabass") KO out of the end zone; no return
Rye holds

Rye offense driven by Luke O'Malley and Kyle Ramalho runs.Ramahlo scores. Seabass PAT. Rye 7 - 0

Seabasss KO into the end zone; no return

Sleep Hollow scores, long run. Misses PATRye 7 - SH 6

Rye receives and drives downfield sustained by running of Ramahlo and passing from Jordan Eck to Pat O'Callaghan, behind key blocking of Francis Santangelo and the offensive line. Eck scores 2yd run.Seabass PAT


Eck scores 2yd run.Seabass PAT. Rye 14 - SH 6

Seabass KO into the end zone; no return

Sleepy Hollow scores on 50 yd run. 2 point PAT stopped by Sam Fulmer.
Rye 14 - SH 12

Rye receives. Offense stopped and has to punt, Ramahlo punts. James Bonsall downs on 2 yd line.

Rye defense led by Fulmer and Dan Klemens forces SH punt

Rye running by Ramahlo and pass interference call moves downfield. Ramahlo scores on 3 yd run Rye 21 -SH 12


Rye receives.Eck passes to Bonsall and O'Malley, and runs by Ramahlo led Rye. Ramahlo scores.Saunders PATRye 28 - SH 12

Saunders KO out of end zone. No return

O'Callaghan interception

Rye punt

Sleepy Hollow offense stopped by strong Rye defense led by Donald Keough, Matt Dunn and a key 3rd down stop by Robert Santangelo.


Rye fumble gives Sleepy Hollow the ball. Sleepy Hollow moves against tough Rye defense, led by Cole McCormack and Klemens.

Sleepy Hollow scores on pass play. 2 point conversion good.
Rye 28 - SH 20

Rye gains possession from on side kick at the 47 yd line. Ramahlo running moves ball downfield. Pass from Eck to Bonsall for TD. Saunders PAT

Rye 35 - SH 20

Rye defense led by Aaron Walker, Will Ramsey, and John Santoro stymies SH.

Rye winsRye 35 - SH 20


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