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Game Day! Home at 7PM v. Pleasantville, Check out the history of the teams by The Old Garnet ..

Posted Friday, October 27, 2006 by webmaster

"Time It Was . . . . . Time It Was . . . . . It Was A Time For Us . . . . .

To acquaint the modern era local football buffs, it used to be that Rye High played an eight game football schedule with no "Sectionals" and no "States". It was the same basic schedule year-in and year-out - two non-league games followed by Pelham, Pleasantville, Hastings or Sleepy Hollow, Eastchester, Scarsdale (non-league), and of course finishing with Harrison. There were three "Pep Rallys" 2 one pre-season, one at mid-season before the Pleasantville game and the traditional Harrison Parade, Pep Rally and Bonfire. As the season started later in September and the Harrison game came on the second weekend in November, the traditional Pleasantville game occurred just before Halloween, and the PLEASANTVILLE PANTHERS were the second fiercest Rye rival after you know who. Even to the extent that a distinctive, jinxing mascot, the witch-like "Hoo-Doo", was introduced to Rye football by Garnet Coach Fran Walsh (1933-48) who imported the "dreaded Jonah" concept from his football days at Colgate. The tradition was that the Rye Cheerleaders annually would select a secret RHS student to be the Hoo-Doo who was introduced to the student body during the Pleasantville Pep Rally. It was up to the students to figure out who the Hoo-Doo was.

"For it's the Hoo-Doo, the famous Hoo-Doo,
The jinx that always rests on Pleasantville.

It makes them stumble and fall and fumble,
When 2ere they turn the dreaded Jonah loose."

As for the rivalry, it was "On Again 2 Off Again" as the Garnets and the Green and White scratched and clawed in titanic gridiron battles for 30 straight years from 1936 to 1965 and then didn't fight again until 1998 after 33 years had passed without a single meeting on the field of battle. These two enemies have met on three recent occasions in 1998, 2000 and 2004 with the Garnets dominating 30-6, 33-0 and 27-7. Rye holds the upper paw at 24-9-2 (.727) back to the 1930s.

What with Ardsley (# 7 seed), now Pleasantville (# 6 seed) and the prediction that Rye would meet Edgemont (# 1 seed) in the sectional final game, the Garnets have avoided the "Feline Tri-Fecta" thanks to Hastings' upset of Edgemont in the first playoff round last week. It would have been a bad case of cat-scratch fever for the Garnets if they had to encounter three straight weeks of contesting Panthers.

Look around Nugent Stadium on Friday night for the vestige of the Hoo-Doo as it hexes and vexes the Pleasantville Panthers once more. Can you guess who it is? Put these Cats in the cage, its Rye 35, Pleasantville 7 in this one.

Next . . The Hastings Yellow Jackets? The Pelham Pelicans? The Burke Catholic Eagles? The Red Hook Red Raiders? The Cobleskill/Richmondville Bulldogs? The Albany Academy Cadets? The Chenango Forks Blue Devils? The Hornell Red Raiders? The Lackawanna Steelers? The Geneva Panthers? . . . . . . . Not the Harrison Huskies!

As long as the Garnets keep winning, you can check the Rye Garnet Football website in the coming weeks for further news, the Old Garnet's predictions and historical (hysterical?) viewpoint.

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