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Answer to the Poll - This one fooled most people

Posted Sunday, October 08, 2006 by webmaster
Fans remembered the celebration at the end of last season that Coach Garr had his 202 career wins and added the four wins from this season, but forgot his hiatus from Rye durning the yeas 1979-84, during which his teams won 50 games.

The correct answer was that as of October 7, Dino had won 156 games with Rye (now 207 !) Congratulations to the 3 fans who got it right!

A few more facts about Coach Garr's records:

  • Coach of the Year, Section B 2005
  • Coach of the Year, Section 1 B 2003
  • Coach of the Year, Section 1, Class C, Leauge A
  • Coach of the Year, Section 1 1988

At the end of last season, Coach Garr ranked 4th in all time wins in Section 1 and is approaching the top 20 in career wins of all NY state football coaches, both acive and retired.

Information is per The Old Garnet. For more information on Coach Garr and the Garnets check out the Rye Football Journal.

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