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Featured Garnet - Ted Dempsey (# 24)

Posted Friday, September 22, 2006 by webmaser
The speed of body and mind that Ted Dempsey showed at the season's first home game against Briarcliff wasn't news to the Rye fans who know how fast he can be. That didn't stop the thrill when Ted ran 86 yards in the second quarter! When Ted rushed 28 yards for a second touchdown, only Briarcliff was surprised.

Ted, with his twin brother Greg (who is expected back from an injury next week), have played Rye football since the 7th grade modified team. They also come from a family steeped in the Garnet tradition. Ted's uncles and his dad also played for the Garnets, with his uncle Terence scoring a touchdown at Harrison. The World War II generation of Dempseys in Rye also supplied several athletes and scholars.

Ted's long-term commitment to Rye football paid big dividends at the Briarcliff game and we know they will continue. His performance is emblematic of the Rye Garnets and makes all the fans proud.


This section is titled "Player of the Week" but we want you to think of it as "Featured Garnet." (The software won't let us change the title.) This will allow us to recognize those who may not have caught the attention of a broader audience. Because football is essentially a team sport there may not be individuals to spot light every week (or there may be too many), and when there are the individuals may not be players, but others who are part of the team.

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